Here are items that I need for restoration.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!
AT LEFT -  Two identical dials circa 1937 as were available to home constructors for homebrew projects.  The bezel is about 2 1/2" wide....  I don't need an exact match to this bezel design... only a similar style and size.... Oval, round, square.... whatever....
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I am restoring a fine Burndept Ethophone Grand of 1925 vintage....  The valves with the set are mostly ex-WD types.  I very much want to present the set with the valves specified in the owners manual....  Marconi-Osram Type DE3 for the HF & Detector... and Type DE5 for the two LF sections.  I would like to have working valves but would consider open filament valves if the external appearance is very good.  If your valves are not for sale, I would consider an appropriate trade involving the 1920/22 vintage French made lamps by S.I.F. shown below.
        Photo above from Stokes
"70 Years of Radio Tubes and Valves"
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Thanks to Stephen Brown, I now have these valves.
AT LEFT - For possible trade - S.I.F. brand lamps made in France sometime around 1920/22.  No gettering.... All have bright emitter filaments that light OK on 4 Volts but I have not tested them for emission.
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I am looking for this Russian lamp with thermoelectric generator.... Made sometime in the 1950's  This picture is of a lamp owned by an oil lamp collector in Denmark. (there is a top glass chimney missing here) I know of another one in the collection of an Italian radio collector and another one in Argentina..  They wish to keep the lamps for their own collections.

I have seen a photo of the instruction sheet where it is showing it powering a mid 50's table model vacuum tube set.  I have since learned that the TGK-3 provided +90 Volts and 1.5 Volts  It would be interesting to compare such lamp output to the power requirements of the GE radios of 1950 vintage that used a 2 volt lead-acid battery for power...

Any information that you might have would be greatly appreciated.
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