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Here you see that a pin type driver is vibrating wood ribs that are glued to a flat cone.  The center of the ribs is off center.... Some manufacturers claimed that this reduced the possibility of resonances in the cone assembly..... It sort of makes sense to me....

The wire foot can be folded out of the way.  I think this was just so the unit would fit into a more compact shipping box.

The frame appears to be of molded paper and shellac.
It's still a mystery to me!

This speaker looks to me to be european.  Buford Chidester found a tiny picture in a 1930 Radio Craft that is selling it at a surplus price.  I'm thinking that this might have been stock from a bankrupt importer.... 

Dec. 2009 - Greg Farmer tells me that he has one in his collection.  No i.d. on it either.  He was told that it might be a Marvel sold in the Barawick mail order catalog.

Any Ideas?  E-mail me....

My tube puzzle!
OK, the picture tells you who made it and when....  It's obvious that the strange element construction was to get around the classic triode patents...  I'm told that, unlike the Wegant peanut tube, these tubes would actually work OK in a broadcast set with maybe the exception of a second stage audio amp built to drive a speaker.

The real puzzle is in trying to figure out the tiny metal ring on the grid support structure....  It's not a mistake, there is one in the AWA Museum just like it....  Give a look.below....
Whatever is going on here is too slick for me to figure....  Other than the first generation Shickerling tubes, I challenge you to come up with a more odd-ball design that actually works!
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