Stair Lift Idea
I’ve been to plenty of houses where there is storage space in the attic accessible only by folding stairs that drop down from an opening in the ceiling.  That is true of my house and my shop.  The shop attic is completely finished off and fully insulated.  It is where I keep my restoration projects that cannot withstand the open attic space in my house.  A place that can easily hit 135 degrees F or go down to 20.degrees during the year; not to mention humidity swings from 20% to near 100%.

Getting stuff up and down without damage to yourself or the equipment is often not at all certain.  As time goes by, the aging body does nothing to make the tasks any easier or safer.  So, what to do?

I’ve reached the conclusion that there are no solutions that are relatively easy to build and super slick and easy in operation.  So ease of implementation means that the tool will be just a bit more complicated to use than you might like.

Should you choose to make such a device, you must take full responsibility for the fabrication of the device to suit your particular folding stair installation and operate it in a safe manner.  Failure to do so could result in personal injury and or damage to your property.

My solution consists of a rectangular panel that slides up the face of the steps.  At the top of the panel is a load platform for the items to ride up and down on.  A locking winch is built into the cover for the stairs.  It pulls the load up the stairs to a point where the load can be pushed off onto the attic floor.

While this solution works with my aluminum stairs in the shop, it will not work with the 50 year old wooden stairs in the house.

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