U.S.M.C. 2 Tube Multifone
I've never seen another one.  It is built into a slightly modified AK 20c cabinet.  And I'm sure it has been in it from day-one.  Since A-K had outside vendors for most of its radio cabinets, it makes sense that a small radio maker like this could have bought production over-run a year or so after AK dropped the 20 Compact.
These pictures are just snapshots...  I've not had the time to photograph it properly.
The set has a Emerson Multivalve on the right.  There appears to be one section used as a RF amp with tuned grid and tuned plate circuits.  This feeds another section used as a detector.  This drives an audio transformer conected to the last triode section of the Multivalve as the first audio amplifier.  That audio goes to another audio transformer that drives the grid of a Type UX-112 'power tube'.

Performance ot this set is not as good as the Standardyne Multivalve.  But I have not had time to see if there are corrosion problems somewhere causing problems. (I did find one connecting wire to be open circuit.
There is a 'mystery part' they label as a Multiformer.  I don't know what is under the tag and I have not traced the circuit.  That is certainly the grid leak resistor above it

You have probably seen the Emerson Baby and the Standardyne Multivalve that use the Emerson Multivalve tube, but this set I'd never seen before uses it too!  Any information on the set would be very much appreciated.