Here is the latest version of my SolidWorks 3D model of the Eveready A-600 battery.
I had a little fun here in placing the rendered model on a photo of my workbench this afternoon.   Such a render takes about 15 minutes on my PC.

I still have to get confirmation on some dimensions on the top cell covers before I can comit to making rubber molds.
This is the first cast from the rubber mold.  I really did not expect it to come out this well.
It was mainly to determine how successful an idea for re-enforcement with a poly mesh screen would work out.

I cast it from Savogran Wood Putty. Something that is apparently not made any more.

The next panel will be cast from Durham's 'Rock Hard' putty that is still available....

If this works, it will cost much, much less than casting epoxies.