My Workshop
Getting space the hard way...
Just pages to let folks see the progress ( or lack of it ) on building my workshop.

My property limits and set-back laws mean that the footprint for the shop can be only about 16' x 24'.  To make things worse, this area is in the root field of a highly prized pecan tree.  My only solution to save the tree was to build the shop on 15 concrete piers.
I've had no luck on expanding my house because of the never ending building boom here in the Charlotte area.  A $30k project is of no interest to a reputable contractor.  My only option at this point is to move my workshop to an out-building.... A $15k project that I can do myself.  That should free up space in the house for more display.

This shop will be the first and maybe last I'll ever build so I'm going to try to make it a bit of a showplace.
To get the floor space I need requires a two story construction.  I decided to build sub assemblies for a truss that will form the roof and second floor room.  They are assembled on this fixture which I attached to the shop floor.

As of Oct 1st. I've assembled 26 of 38 truss sub-assemblies....  Next will be making the other 'flavor' of truss aub-assembly that will connect these together.
The top part of the truss is a shallow V-form made of 2 x 8's that tie the A-form truss parts together....  As of Oct 21 I've made these 19 units and will be ready to lay out the first stud wall tomorrow...
I needed to raise the tarp so that I can begin assembly of the stud walls. I decided to assemble a truss at each end of the floor...  This gives me a better feel for the available space that will be on the second floor.  At first I thought that I might place the drop-down stairs a one end of the room, but I think now it will be better to place it near the middle.  That will allow better placement of light fixtures on the ceiling of the first floor..
Since I did not know how many weeks or months will pass before there will be a roof on the building, I protected the floor with a white primer.  This also made it easy to see layout marks when it came time to build the first wall.

As of Oct 29th. I had all the studs attached to the header and footer and had framed in two windows.  The only thing left is to install the 2 x 4 blocking between studs and install the steel corner cross braces.

I don't think I will want windows on the North wall but if I change my mind It will be super easy because the framing for the windows will already be in place.