Introduction to my restoration pages.
I have been collecting broadcast radio receivers for over 30 years now.  In the early years of my collecting I enjoyed nothing more than to take my new-found goodie into the shop for a quick clean-up and then get it playing again.

As the years have gone by and I learn more about the history of these artifacts I have come to think more about how I ( or anyone for that matter ) is never more than the present owner.  If properly preserved and restored, these items can be used to educate generations to come.

To that end, I have started on a project to help maintain the accuracy of new equipment restorations & preservations..... As I clean each item in my collection, I am taking digital photos from all angles - inside and out of sufficient detail to serve as reference photos for others wishing to gather information for their own restorations. 

Each picture is in .jpg format in the range of 150k to 390k.  Much too large to post directly on my Web site.  What I plan to do is publish a simple listing of items photographed.  Then you can send in E-mail requests for specific views.
The pictures on this page are representative thumbnails of the types of views generally taken of each artifact listed.
From such photos you have a chance to see where parts substitutions may have been made.  Identify missing lables.  Verify knob styles, type of grill cloth, proper finish on dial escutcheons, clues to proper wood coloration, etc.

Take the time to research your item before preservation or restoration!
Silvertone - Model 1994
For starters, here is a list of photo files that I have sorted.  It will be some time before I can add accurate descriptions.  Within each file are 4 to 12 relatively high resolution .jpg's ( mostly 200k size) so that most chassis and cabinet details will be easy to see..  These files are not on this web site.  You will have to e-mail a specific request for me to send them directly to you.  There is no charge... All I need is some spare time to respond.
I've added a couple of pages on cleaning an Airline Movie Dial - Model 62-418
I'll have a look.