Eveready No. 6 Dry Cell Battery copyright 1937 graphic.
The restoration of this graphic is 100% my work using a scanned image of a cell in my collection.
You are free to use this graphic to construct a replica battery.
You may NOT sell this image unless it is part of a complete battery replica.
Click on the icons above to download the high resolution file to be laser printed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.  The second file has color fields which you can laminate to pasteboard to replicate the blue top and bottom cap.
Note that the file graphic as printed will look too new.  My technique is to use an air brush to spray clear lacquer tinted with a few drops of TransTint Honey Amber transparent dye after wrapping the graphic on your battery shell.  This produces a much better result than trying to add a yellow tint to the image to be printed.