Burgess Battery Co. - No. 6 - Dry Cell - This graphic first appears in the Spring 1925 issue of Citizens Radio Call Book - page 196
Here is the .pdf file for this artwork.  It is sized for a cell body 2.5" in diameter.  This art is intended to be printed on 24 lb. laser paper and then bonded to acid-free chipboard with a nominal 0.02" thickness.  This produces a finished cell diameter of about 2.55"  The bottom cell cap adds another 0.06" diameter. 

#6 cells of this type are not to exceed 2 5/8" diameter.
You will have to edit the image width if your body diameter is different.

This photo is of the print as it comes from the laser.  For best appearance, use an air brush to apply a light coating of lacquer tinted with transparent amber wood dye.
The restoration of this graphic is 100% my work using a scanned image of a cell in my collection.
You are free to use this graphic to construct a replica battery.
You may NOT sell this image unless it is part of a complete battery replica.
File is about 8 Meg.
Print resolution is 600 dpi
Note: All these cells have a carbon electrode 3/4" in diameter.  Therefore the brass electrode cap has this i.d.  The brass is about 0.02" thick so that the outside of the cap measures about 0.790"

All these cells but the the Ray-O-Vac on the far left have a black sealing compound.  (That Ray-O-Vac has brown compound.)