My reproductions of easel back tube advertisements.
                                  Circa 1925
Some 15 years ago I found these three great advertising signs...  I soon realized that such items were very difficult to locate at the various antique radio meets.   Things like this really make great additions to any 20's radio display.   I looked into the possibility of having them reproduced by a first rate commercial printer but quickly learned that the setup charges and minimum quantities for die cut signs would eat me alive.  So I shelved the idea until some 5 or 6 years ago when the color laser copiers became available.  I found that the Canon copiers in the hands of a skilled operator could make very accurate, full size copies. So I decided to locate the proper card stock, spray adhesives, easel backs and laminating technique to hand make two runs of 10 copies of each sign.  It has been over three years since selling the last ones.... I have made 15 more sets and will be offering them for sale at the various meets I attend. (Now all SOLD)
The original Perryman signs are lithographed.  The large sign is 13 1/4" high.  The small sign is 8 3/4" high.  You may notice that there is some difference in color rendition.  I'm sure that the prints were made on different presses.  You don't really notice this unless they are side-by-side.

The color saturation is faithfull to the original and therefore appears very slightly faded - or flat.

I will offer these signs only as a pair for $25.
The Cunningham sign is 12 1/2" high.  While the Perryman originals are lithographed, the Cunningham original is done with 8 silk screened lacquers!  Therefore the colors are very saturated -- full of "punch".  This effect carries over perfectly in the laser reproductions.

I will offer these signs for $15 each.