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Eveready-Columbia No. 6 Dry Cell Battery
copyright 1925 graphic.
The restoration of this graphic is 100% my work using a scanned image of a cell in my collection.
You are free to use this graphic to construct a replica battery.
You may NOT sell this image unless it is part of a complete battery replica.
Click on the icon above to download the high resolution file to be laser printed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.
Note the background that is predominately green has a high degree of variability on how these pigments have changed over time.  You will find examples of this battery where this field tends to appear closer to a slate blue color.    In a photo editor, you can change the hue of this field to suit your notions of how it should look.

Also be aware that the color rendition will depend on the calibration constants of your printer.
This is one of my replica batteries complete with red pitch sealant on the top.  Identical to the original construction.