Eveready - Tungsten #705  4.5 Volt Flashlight Battery

Note: Examples I have seen dating from 1917 to 1924 have minor variations.  The 1924 graphic covers the entire cylinder.  Earlier versions are cut to form a lable only slightly larger than the white outline of the graphic.  The 1917 version has an oval outline for the date stamp.  There may be other variations depending on which factory made the battery.
Click on the icon above to download a 600 dpi resolution .pdf.  Take to your local print shop and request to print on a color LASER printer on STANDARD weight paper. (Not photo paper.)

If you have an air brush or other small sprayer, apply an over-coat of acrylic lacquer tinted with a little bit of LIGHT OAK or LEMON YELLOW wood dye.  (Not water based.)  This will tone down the bright white and give a proper look of gentle aging.