Cyclone brand - 4.5 Volt Flashlight Battery
Circa 1925
True dimensions of each image printed on paper is 7.668" x 3.033
The body of this battery case is made from a 6.95" length of RCA brand Antenna Mast Mount/Extension part # VH116R - Available at Lowes home improvement centers.

This tubing has a wall thickness of only about 0.025".  It is easy to dimple, punch and drill.  When two layers of the correct thickness black paper is wound on, the body becomes the ideal diameter of a 'D' size battery.
The end cap is machined from a 3/4" length of 1" EMT steel conduit.  This conduit has a nominal internal diameter of 1.030" and outside diameter of 1.170".

The end cap and bulk head cap for the positive battery terminal are spun from 28 Gauge (0.015") mild steel available at Lowes.  These parts can be spun on any lathe with a 4" or greater chuck.  (A 3" Unimat lathe is not rigid enough to take the pressure of the forming bar.)
This page is incomplete.  I can add more information upon request.
The coil spring contact is Keystone Electronics #5241 available at Digi-Key, Mouser, etc.
The positive terminal is 0.312" Dia. Brass rod - 0.440" long.  Blind tapped 8x32 - 3/8" deep.
Use a #8 fiber shoulder washer to insulate the positive terminal from your spun metal bulkhead.  Available on eBay.
The red sealing wax is still a problem.  For these replicas I used Smooth-Cast #322 Urethane colored by their SO-Strong dyes.  (Good and very durable but not perfect.) 

The correct material is 'red pitch' (the hardest grade).  This is used by metalsmiths and jewelry to back metal sheet for hammering.  I got mine from Otto Frei in S.F. CA stock #125.393H